TOWKIO has come a loooong way – drops new video for “Symphony”

TOWKIO has come a loooong way – drops new video for “Symphony”

I remember when TOWKIO was one of many jumping on stage during early Kids These Days and Chance The Rapper concerts, and dropping soundcloud tracks as Preston San (how many of you got that first Community Service EP?)

Since 2012, he changed his name to Tokyo Shawn, then finally settled on TOWKIO. It was through all the name changes that he also continued to find his voice, and style. He went from a member of the posse jumping around on-stage (that was an ill fucking posse though) to an artist with his own billing, to a headlining and touring artist that inked a deal with Rick Rubin. His visuals have been stellar and creative, and he added another one of those to his catalog today with “Symphony”.

The track also comes with an official drop date for his proper debut LP, WWW, releasing on 2/16 via American Recordings/ Republic Records. The LP was executive produced by Lido and also carries production from homies Peter Cottontale and Knox Fortune, amongst others. “Symphony” is an upbeat track with more than a handful of quotable lines. The video shows TOWKIO getting a bit lost in the sauce, or you could say, drowning in the pool. Peep it below.

Alexander Fruchter

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