[Trailer] All is Bright

Christmas brings everybody together, even former friends and ex-crime partners. In Phil Morrison’s (Junebug) upcoming film, All is Bright, two former French Canadian convicts reunite in an attempt to go legit in New York City. Dennis (Paul Giamatti) finds his job prospects considerably low after being released from prison. To make matters worse, his wife has been living with his former friend/partner-in-crime, Rene (Paul Rudd). Rene decides to bring Dennis in on a quick money making scheme: selling Christmas trees in New York City. The trailer has a dark comedy tone, which fits perfectly for Giamatti’s brooding character and Rudd’s highly-sarcastic personality. The Christmas setting is also ripe for some quick and easy jokes. There is a layer of humanity shown in the trailer, however, such as the hints of Dennis’ longing to reconnect with his daughter.

All is Bright will be available on VOD September 10th and arriving to theaters on October 4th.


[via Yahoo! Movies]

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