[Trailer] Joe

David Gordon Green looks like he’s been bit by the indie drama bug once again. Following successive comedy films Pineapple ExpressYour Highness, and The Sitter, last year’s Prince Avalanche was a return to Green’s indie roots. However, it’s his next film, Joe, that might cement his status as one of the most talented indie dramatic directors.

Starring Nicolas Cage and Mud‘s Tye Sheridan, the film adaptation of Larry Brown’s novel follows Cage’s titular Joe, an ex-convict with an anger and aggression problem. When he catches wind of abuse caused by Gary’s (Sheridan) father, he finds his rage rising once again. Joe is fodder for a dark and brutal tale of both revenge and redemption.

While Joe won’t be in theaters on VOD until April 11th, it’ll be screening at SXSW next month.

Geoff Henao

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