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[Video] Black Dave: “On Da Map”

[Video] Black Dave: “On Da Map”

Black Dave on da map e1352331072759 [Video] Black Dave: On Da Map

Right Off the bat I want to say that Black Dave is an amazing rap name. And after hearing and watching the video, Black Dave is a perfect showcase off what New York once was, and likely will still be. With artists like Joey Bada$$, Roc Marciano and many more making national waves for a classic NY sound, Dave’s “put ny back on the map” steez definitely adds fuel to the fire. he clip showcases the young rapper making his way throughout New York with a mysterious package. The contents of the box aren’t exactly what you would expect, but you’ll have to see the video through until the end to find out.  A mixtape from Black Dave is also underway, stay tuned, shouts to Hypetrak.



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