[Video] Hypebeast Spaces: The Offices of St. Alfred

Date: 11.15.2012 by Sean CK|Posted in: Uncategorized 0 Comments

SaintAlfred03 e1353014276427 [Video] Hypebeast Spaces: The Offices of St. Alfred

Two of the the mainstay elements in my life about 6 years ago, some of the key cultural hobbies that definitely help invoke my passion for music were Hypebeast (.com x forums) and St. Alfred. Recently, the good folks at Hypebeast highlighted our cities own STA for their Hypebeast Spaces series. In a 3 minute high quality, descriptive and telling feature on STA; Joe, David and Frank go in-depth discussing  their private work space separate from the shop and the ““breath of fresh air” that the separation provides in fostering creativity and development of the St. Alfred brand.”