[Video] Vic Spencer: “Savior” (feat. Sulaiman & D2G)


God gave me a brain and I really chose to use it

Believe it or not, blogging is a very time-constraining and –at times–a very stressful gig that isn’t very lucrative at the end of the day. We often invest hours of work with little in return and recently I’ve felt somewhat unappreciated in my field.

I guess that is why I rock with Vic Spencer’s “Savior” joint and its video, which dropped earlier today. Vic is one of the most gifted emcees in Chicago and can go bar-on-bar against your favorite rapper, unfortunately, due to his controversial opinions and the fact that most people are extremely ignorant; his music doesn’t get the love it deserves. Don’t worry though, he uses that to fuel his drive and create timeless music for his true supporters. “Savior” is the proof. Not one weak verse can be found in the track and Suliaman really killed it with his non-stop flow –which seems to have come out effortlessly–while D2G gives us an introspective 16 over the Ikaz-produced joint.

On the visual tip, props must go to KP who really outdid herself on this one and made a damn movie with terrific scenery and great editing. Watch below.


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