VSCO Announces $40 Million Investment

VSCO Photography Company

Visual Supply Company or VSCO for short has taken to Instagram and its blog to announce that they have received their first ever investment from Accel Partners for $40 million dollars. VSCO has been hard at work producing popular products like VSCOcam and VSCOfilm, cultivating a community of creatives. With the investment, the company will look to produce more quality products from their app to its software to make it easier and simpler for creatives to produce and share their work. VSCO looks to further build out its community of photography enthusiasts and help people produce their dream projects with its VSCO Artist Initiative scholarship. With the investment, it looks like VSCO is set to take things to a new level and to keep building its brand to further reach more creatives. You can learn more about VSCO and its investment with Accel Partners on their official blog here.

[Via VSCO]

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