Want to hear a posse cut? Navarro, Dre Izaya, Brittney Carter Connect for “Devil’s Curiosity”

“Demons all around me, angels in my corner, who can I invite and everyone is a performer.”

I couldn’t fit it into the title, so let me say this first. DISRUPT AND HEIR PORTER produced this track! Clap for’em. I’ve been writing the praises of Dre Izaya for the last few weeks, as he’s been consistently releasing solid joints. Navarro is someone that I’ve known and worked with for damn near a decade and he is always A-1. So they shine on here as expected.

BUT, Brittney Carter?! I never heard of her before, and one verse does not really prove anything, BUT, she’s dope. I need to hear more of Brittney Carter. Brittney Carter, if you’re reading this, please send me more of your music.

End transmission. This shit is hot.