Watch Caleborate’s Excellent New Video for “Bank Robber”

Watch Caleborate’s Excellent New Video for “Bank Robber”

“To make it big in this world, you can’t be in your sorrow, fuck what happened yesterday, you could blow up tomorrow.”

Before coming back to rubyhornet, I was kind of in a music bubble – only really listening to and aware of new sounds coming out of Closed Sessions. In the time since coming back to RH, I’ve gotten out of my tunnel-vision, and discovered a slew of new music from artists new and old that is quite fucking good.

In the “quite fucking good” category is the Bay Area’s Caleborate. He released a project called Real Person last October, and as soon as I’m done here, that’s what I’m about to go listen to. Yesterday, he released a video for the album cut, “Bank Robber”. The video and the record showcase multiple perspectives, and the speak on the way we may want to live vs the way we are living. There is a lot of cleverness in the lyrics, but it’s all super simple and super honest. I hate to use the cliche, “it’s a real record”, but that’s the best way to describe. A perfect one to check out if you’ve never heard of Caleborate, which was me before this video, and look where I am now.

Peep the video below, and if you wan to learn more check out this interview he did with Pigeons and Planes, where he also premiered this clip.

Extra side-note, he is going to be at SPACE in Evanston on 3/28. I will be there.

Alexander Fruchter

Original co-founder of RubyHornet. President of Closed Sessions