Watch “Honey” By Freddie Old Soul

The end of summer in Chicago is a special time. The temperature has started to drop, but not so far that you can’t still cruise around like it’s the summer. And the sun is still around for a few more weeks before it disappears behind the trademark mid-western grey that will define all life for the next 9 months. Freddie Old Soul has perfectly captured the vibe of the end of summer with the music video to her track “Honey”. Filmed by Chill with creative direction and styling from Royal Vintage the video has a soft glow to it and a familiarity that makes you feel like they’re filming in your local mini-mart. The minimal video matches the rapper’s straightforward approach to her lyrics and her image, in the song she even says, “I got music for the summer, Fuck clout, My ego dead inside a shell”.

Freddie Old Soul is someone you should know if you don’t already. She has a wealth of raw talent and a perspective that ought to be heard, especially in 2018. There’s a bounce that pervades her music, and “Honey” has it.

Watch the video for “Honey” below.

Stephen Kaplan