Weezer: “Can’t Stop Partyng” featuring Lil’ Wayne


More patron. We need more patron.  Well, here it is the Weezer and Lil’ Wayne collaboration that everyone was talking about.  I wrote a few weeks ago that this was a huge mistake.

“This is something that may sound cool if you shop at Hot Topic, but really it’s not going to be pretty.  Of course, I’m working on assumptions alone, but that’s what people do with my title, and I just think this is going to suck…For everyone…And hey, maybe I’m an idiot and this will be the best song ever, and my next blog about Weezer will be something like, “I Was Wrong! This Weezer And Lil’ Wayne Song Is The Best Song Ever!'”

Now, I’m not about to sing this song’s praises, and crown it as the musical masterpiece it’s been billed as.  But, it’s not the heaping pile of musical mess that I thought it could be either.  Realistically, it’s a solid song, not much more and not much less.  You can see for yourself without much more commentary from me right after the jump.

Weezer: “I Can’t Stop Partying” featuring Lil’ Wayne
[audio: http://rubyhornet.com/media/rh/music/can_t_stop_partying.mp3|width=180]



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