Welcome To The New Ruby Hornet


I would like to welcome everyone to our new site design for Since our first post in 2008, Ruby Hornet has grown and evolved, and today marks a new page in our history. A change in leadership led to a new direction and growth while making sure we stay true to our brand. Some of these new changes include diversifying our music content to include not just independent hip hop, but other music genres, as well as a focus on Film, Photography, Web, and Technology.

With the new direction and diversified content comes a new team of writers, photographers, videographers, and artists who are working hard to continue to bring high quality content from these industries. This is just the beginning of the new Ruby Hornet and what we have in store for our new and loyal readers.

Speaking for everybody on the new team, I want to thank friends, family, and readers who have supported us over the years and continue to do so. We are all really excited for this new direction, and I hope you guys are as well. Expect a lot more from us in the coming months.

I would also like to thank our parent company, Empresario, and the rest of my team who have been working long hours on getting the new site up and running.

Take a few minutes, explore the new site, and bare with us as we will be working out the kinks.

Virgil Solis
Ruby Hornet

About Virgil Solis

About Virgil SolisOriginal co-founder of RubyHornet