WWE Extreme Rules 2015: Results and Match Reviews

Extreme Rules 2015 was held last night, which means we’ve begun the WWE’s anemic slog between WrestleMania 31 and SummerSlam 2015. And boy did it feel that way. This was less like an extreme pay-per-view and more like a decent episode of Monday Night Raw.

Key players were hurt or absent last night, most notably Daniel Bryan, who wasn’t cleared to wrestle and may be out for a few more weeks. The limited roster depth and a card full of repeat bouts from WrestleMania 31 didn’t help matters either.

On top of that, this PPV was hobbled by a lack of decent stories/builds. WWE creative has fumbled so many bits that were over with the crowd (so much for interest in Miz and Mizdow, and whatever happened to Goldust and Stardust?). At Extreme Rules, we watched a bunch of people wrestling because wrestling. And we’ll probably see some rematches from Extreme Rules at Payback in May. Because wrestling.

Let’s go match by match and look at the handful of highs and buckets of lows at Extreme Rules 2015.

Hubert Vigilla

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