13 Morbid Songs for Friday the 13th

It’s every goth’s second favorite holiday: Friday the 13th. In honor of the infamous day of moral reckoning, I’ve created a playlist of songs to get blasphemous to.

13. “Killing It” – A Wilhelm Scream

If Jason Vorhees could pick a song to listen to while stabbing someone, I feel like this would be it.

12. “Back to Hell” – Alkaline Trio

The dark pop-punk trio created an ode (one of many) to the pits below with lyrics like “send us back to hell/we’ve had our fill of heaven.”

11. “Bleed Black” – AFI

The gothic, melodic hardcore have mastered the emotional, heavyhearted sound with their 2003 record Sing The Sorrow. This song as well as every other song off the album would be a perfect fit for a day like Friday the 13th.

10. “Cowboys From Hell” – Pantera

The groove metal band Pantera are no strangers to being associated to the dark lord, so they embodied the notion with one of their most iconic songs.

9. “The God That Failed” – Metallica

Denouncing the idea of religion/God is pretty much step one in the metal handbook and that’s the most Friday the 13th-y thing you can do.

8. “Your 666” – H.I.M.

Throw every last superstition out the window by listening to this song with lyrics like, “I welcome your six six six in my heart/I’m losing my faith in you,” you’re sure to have all of the bad luck today (here’s to hoping).

7. “Hellraiser” – Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy says he’ll “put a spell on you” with his tribute to rocking in the hardest way possible; raising hell.

6. “Hang ‘Em High” – My Chemical Romance

MCR’s hit album, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, made death cool again in the mid-2000’s. My pick for the playlist has everything to do with the eerie, witchy undertones of the lyrics, “climb out from the pine box, well I’m asking you/’cause she’s got nothing to say/The angels just cut out her tongue/call her black Mariah, would I lie to you?”

5. “Blood And Thunder” – Mastodon

While the song (as well as the entire album) is based off the novel Moby Dick, “Blood and Thunder” starts off with, “I think that someone is trying to kill me/Infecting my blood and destroying my mind;” the most brutal thing said about a whale ever.

4. “Killing In The Name” – Rage Against The Machine

Again, while the song (and band) is about “bringing down the man” and all, the lyrics, “some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses,” fits into the scheme of Friday the 13th.

3. “Crystal Lake’s Legacy” – Voorhees

A U.K. hardcore gimmick band based off the aforementioned, fictional murderer “killed it” with their salute to Vorhees with their 2001 record Crystal Lake’s Legacy.

2. “Running With The Devil” – Van Halen

David Lee Roth said in an interview that he always thought the devil was with him; whether it was running (‘living at a pace that kills’), driving, playing music, eating lunch, etc. Ultimately, it sounds like he lives his life like every day is Friday the 13th.

1. “Dead” – Pixies

Written about the biblical story (2 Samuel, Chapter 11) from the tale of Bathsheba and King David with mixed in lyrics such as, “my heart is dead,” it’s a no-brainer this song is included to the playlist. Also, the horror movie montage trumps all.

Bridjet Mendyuk

Bridjet Mendyuk graduated in 2013 from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. During her time there, she was a reporter/editor for the student newspaper, The BG News, and an intern for Alternative Press magazine. She currently freelances from her hometown in Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys dancing in the car on her way to get a pizza.

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