20 Artists You Need To Know: Summer Festival Edition

Header by Bryan Allen Lamb.

With spring getting into full swing, summer seems within reach already. For music junkies, spring just means a couple more months until festival season. Whether you’re planning on hitting all, one or none of the festivals listed in this week’s playlist, all of the artists are definitely ones you should know. 

Bonnaroo – Check out Run The Jewels

A hip-hop duo from New York with just two albums under their belt, but mucho street cred amongst hipster rap enthusiasts and the hip-hop community. A definite must-see.

Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath

I’ve seen Black Sabbath live, and believe me, it’s sad. Just a bunch of pissed off seniors narrowly escaping the bus ride back to Shady Pines. Do yourself a favor and check out the funky bunch known as Brownout who add groovy bass lines that even Ozzy approves of.

Warped Tour – Check out Riff Raff

If you don’t know who Riff Raff is by now, then listen up: the walking, talking, real-life version of the “allegedinspiration for James Franco’s Spring Breakers character is playing all Warped Tour dates. The nonsense rapper of neon-flavored Bart Simpson shaped Cheetos is just a skip-and-a-hop away from your hometown. His bogus rhymes are catchy, fun and worth the money to see up close. Also, his merch table is probably going to be full of light-up do-rags or rhinestone encrusted McDonald’s toys from the 90’s.

Candy Hearts

If you’re already at Warped Tour, then you’re probably going to be at the Candy Hearts show, but the general public might not have the pop-punk upper hand that you do. For those that don’t know, Candy Hearts are a cutesy pop-punk trio from New York who could be described as: Paramore + Bubbalicious Cotton Candy gum + a wink + a diary. If you’re a fan of New Found Glory, State Champs, or Set It Off, then Candy Hearts are a must-have in your library.

Bunbury – Check out The Front Bottoms

The acoustic pop-punk band have been a Warped Tour hit for some time, but they’re moving up the ladder of notoriety ever since their 2013 release of Talon Of The Hawk.

Lindsey Stirling

Don’t even act like you know someone who plays the violin flawlessly, let alone be able to entertain millions in the age of technology doing so. Plus, she often themes her songs to a certain era or place, so her outfits and performance are sure to be entertaining.

Coachella – Check out FKA Twigs

Amongst all of the gigantic, jaw-dropping artists featured at Coachella this year, one who has been kept more on the hush is FKA Twigs. FKA (Formerly Known As) Twigs started out in 2013 as a YouTube sensation and then POOF! Her sultry demeanor and daze-y hip-hop style are what make her so intriguing. Not to mention her image/feminine mystique is the IRL version of Tumblr, which is probably what Coachella is looking for.

Marina & The Diamonds

I. Love. Marina. And. The. Diamonds. And you should too. She’s an indie-pop artist who has more soul and flavor than most of her sugary sweet counterparts. Her deep, Welsh accent pulls through the electro-Madonna-esque beat of her songs. Also, her outfits are described as “retro cartoon-ish,” so expect an exciting visual; I’d describe her sound as that too. She may be popular among the invested music critics and indie-pop enthusiasts of the scene, but she deserves to be more than just an honorable mention.

South By Southwest (SXSW) – Check out All Them Witches

The Nashville natives of All Them Witches have the classic-rock, heavy riff act down to a T. What sets them apart from that blase “hip radio rock friendly” sound is that they have a groovier, sludge inspired Queens Of The Stone Age tang to them.

B.I.C. (Bitches Is Crazy)

The Bronx hip-hop/rap group known as B.I.C. produce raw, Latin-influenced rhymes similar to their modern counterparts (IE: A$AP Rocky, Schoolboy Q, etc).

Bridjet Mendyuk

Bridjet Mendyuk graduated in 2013 from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. During her time there, she was a reporter/editor for the student newspaper, The BG News, and an intern for Alternative Press magazine. She currently freelances from her hometown in Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys dancing in the car on her way to get a pizza.

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