2019 Artist To Watch: Ness Heads

There’s so much talent everywhere these days that it can be hard for an artist to stand out above the rest. With home recording booming and streaming services giving a global platform to anyone there’s a lot of competition, not just from people in your city or even your country. That being said there are people that just have that intangible star-power that draws your attention, so at the beginning of this new year we are putting together a group of rappers to watch out for in 2019. Up first is Ness Heads.

Though she only has 3 songs out so far, what Ness has released is pure gold. Her most recent track, “Pretty” immediately draws you in with it’s bright instrumental opening, then Ness Heads comes in with a laid-back flex on a flow that moves in such unexpected ways without losing the bounce. The hook is catchy and proud, she gives off the self assuredness without seeming narcissistic which comes with true greatness. If you like Vintage Lee you’ll like Ness Heads.

You can see Ness perform at our next Digital Freshness along with Open Mike Eagle, Fess Grandoise, DJ CashEra and DJ RTC at The Empty Bottle on 1/24. Get tickets here.

Follow Ness on social media @nessheads and check back here in the next week for a new track from her.

Stephen Kaplan