The 86th Academy Awards Winners

Promotional image for the Academy Awards

An Oscar is undoubtedly the biggest honor any filmmaker could receive for their hard work in creating a cinematic work. While I may hear amongst many of the people in my life just how much they don’t care about the evening’s victors, I treat my viewing of the Academy Awards almost like the average American treats the Super Bowl. Growing up in an extremely small town, a lot of the nominated films weren’t accessible to me and my predictions really reflected my sheltered viewings. Now that I’m in actual civilization, I’ve been able to catch a lot of the films, and I must say that I have become quite a professional at guessing who will be taking home the big prize of the evening. Last Friday I wrote a post on my predictions for the major categories of the evening, and I am proud to say I was pretty much eight for eight with my guesses. Perhaps I should say 7.5 for reasons of my Best Picture award, but I highly doubt anyone cares too much about that. With that said, here are this year’s winners…

Mackenzie O'Brien

Mackenzie O’Brien is a Digital Cinema major with a concentration in Screenwriting at DePaul University. When she isn’t applying SPF 100+ to her translucent skin, she’s usually avoiding the sun’s fiendish ways by watching films, catching concerts, and (most importantly) writing.

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