Flying Lotus

Many people say they like Flying Lotus, but how fly are they, really?  Well, for those that pretend to know dude’s music, as well as those that truly do, here’s a collection that FL put out over the weekend and includes records that have not yet been serviced on a large scale.  This also serves as an intermediary release between 2008’s Los Angeles and his new album coming out on 4/20.  

Flying Lotus said via Brainfeeder:

“Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone as we’re approaching this new year, I felt it was time to let go of some things that have been gathering dust. Some old things, and some new things, I tried to pick out tracks that I know yall haven’t heard yet so there should be surprises around every turn.  Can’t believe i’ve been making tracks for over 10 years now..That said, there’s so much to learn still. I hope you all enjoy this mix. Thanks to the Gaslamp Killer for doing an incredible job on this. Can’t wait for you all to hear my album ‘Cosmogramma’ coming out April 20th 2010 on Warp Records.”

Download it all as one long track right here.