A-Trak Shares Boiler Room Mix Of Strictly Late 90’s Backpack Rap

Harry Fraud

Anyone who follows A-Trak knows about this champion pedigree and Hip Hop tutelage. He’s a product of the late 90’s DJ community of Montreal, and a permanent student of the music. As the story goes, back in April he recorded a live set for Boiler Room at the Fool’s Gold Store in New York. Partly as a dedication to Stretch and Bobbito, A-Trak filled the mix with 100% sounds from the late 90’s underground, including music from Jurassic 5, Common, De La Soul, Pharoahe Monch, Frakenstein, Black Star, and many others that came to symbolize “backpack rap”.

He explained the motivation as well as the backstory with Boiler Room (you can see 30 minutes of the set here) on twitter. Listen to the mix, and see the full thread below: