The concept of driving slow is nothing new to Chicagoans, and often times life can feel like one big ketchup commercial.  ADaD’s been waiting patiently a la 50 Cent for quite some time, and says as much on this new song off Exile’s new mixtape, Intro To The Outro.  But, unlike 50’s aggressive impatience, ADaD paints a brighter picture over Exile’s production, a picture of sipping wine, and relaxing on outdoor seating, all while wearing an “I know something you don’t” type of grin.  ADaD has some tricks up his sleeve as he readies his new mixtape, PS… I’m Next, as well as a longer project with Exile.

Exile’s Intro to The Outro will be released August 31st via LRG, and distributed at Rock The Bells concerts through the fall.  On October 4th, Exile will release his new album, 4TRK Mind.  Grab “Slowly” below.



ADaD: “Slowly” (prod. by Exile)

[audio: http://rubyhornet.com/media/rh/music/adad_slowly_prod_by_exile.mp3|width=180]