After Hiatus Add-2 Drops A Single

It’s been 4 years since Chicago emcee Add-2 released any music. Since then he’s been focusing on his work at Haven Studios, a music mentoring program for youth that wish to express themselves through music, a righteous endeavor for a righteous emcee. The track, “Git Yo Hand Out My Pocket” lives up to the mighty weight that the title brings with it. Before Malcolm X was assassinated a member of the crowd famously yelled “Git yo hand out my pocket!” as a distraction, or an announcement to the gunmen in the crowd to take their shot. “Git Yo Hand Out My Pocket” is a song that aims to humble by reminding us that we all die. The Gospel sample slams with a religiosity that is fitting to follow the opening statement, “My brothers and sisters, I come before you today to give you a message… a message given to me by the most high. The message is – the end, is near.”

One thing you can say with confidence is that Add-2’s lyricism hasn’t gone anywhere through this long break. The bars in this track are so solid that you can go through and pick it apart and line by line it stands up.

Stephen Kaplan