When I first stumbled across †ahj Di?mond with his previous song, “$unny Days,” I was hooked and wanting more and more from him. Today we were finally blessed with the next song from his upcoming project Jesus Give Me Peace which is dedicated to a recently deceased friend of his. “Up There” creates an airy atmosphere that is obviously intended by the song. What catches you first is the impeccable production that comes with Tahj Diamond’s music. The choice of samples and the beats to go with them gives a vibe that no artist out there has right about now. He gives off an obvious similar vibe to Cudi and takes the aspects that made Cudi great and takes them to a whole different level. I haven’t been this excited for an artist on the come up since the first play I gave Tyler The Creator’s Bastard a few years ago. I whole heartily can feel the time, effort and passion that Tahj puts into every word and I guess that is what makes the music that much better. As if I wasn’t blasting “$unny Days” enough out of my car windows wherever I went, Tahj gives me another reason to keep driving around. You should check out †ahj Di?mond immediately before it is too late. Then you can brag to all your friends that you knew Tahj before he started selling out crowds. Trust me on this one. This is good music at its finest. Download is right below. 

†ahj Di?mond: “Up There”