Ajani Jones Takes Another Step Forward with “Bloom” Video

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“Spitting at these open mics, I was killing.” 

Ajani Jones is special. I’m not even going to front like I am not invested in his career, like I didn’t discover his music through my AEMMP Hip Hop Class, like I didn’t connect with Ajani on a personal level, and like I didn’t sign him to Closed Sessions. We’re not idiots, and the handful millions of you reading this are not stupid. So that’s out of the way…

Last night, as the music industry was in Wyoming or watching the playoffs, Ajani Jones released his new video for “Bloom”, a beautiful track off his recently released EP, Cocoons. As Ajani says in the second verse, “I spit it for the people that’s on EBT”. That message is at the heart of “Bloom”, a track that is about keeping your head up, and waiting for the time when everything pays off. Ajani is certainly ready for that time, and Strpmall did an excellent job of bringing this record to life visually, packing Ajani’s theme of self-discovery into this video.

I’m out of words… Watch this clip below.