Alamo Drafthouse celebrates “The Summer of 1983”

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I’ve talked about what an amazing experience it is to watch a film at the Alamo Drafthouse before, and here’s an example of some of the cool stuff they have planned this summer. 1983 was a big summer for films with huge releases like Return of the JediNational Lampoon’s VacationJaws 3DOctopussyRisky Business, Scarface, and even more debuting during the hot season. 30 years later, studios would never dare releasing such high profile films with a release lineup as stacked as this. However, Hollywood was a different beast back during the initial 80s boom.

To commemorate such a monumental summer of films, Alamo Drafthouse has scheduled special screenings of the aforementioned movies and more! If you find yourself getting weird in Austin, I highly recommend stopping into a Drafthouse theater and catching some of these classic films. Imagine saying hello to Al Pacino’s little friend on a large theater screen with one of the Drafthouse’s amazing milkshakes. Austinites, you’re living the dream!

You can watch the announcement video below and find the full list of screened films here.


Geoff Henao

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