Pink and Purple

Alan Wilkis first hit RH with his remix of Phoenix’s “1901”.  Yesterday he dropped his new EP, Pink and Purple, in my inbox.  The EP is set to be released via his Wilcassettes label and features 6 heavily 80’s inspired joints that’s been a year in the making and includes appearances members of Asobi Seksu, TV On The Radio, Antibalas, and others.  Check out two tracks below, “N.I.C.E.” and “Pink and Purple”.


Alan Wilkis: “N.I.C.E.”



Alan Wilkis: “Pink and Purple”




“Pink and Purple” – 6 songs, very 80s-influenced, self-releasing on my Wilcassettes label, and been working on it for the past year. I’ve got a number of amazing special guests on there, including members of/hired guns for Bell, Asobi Seksu, TV on the Radio, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Earl Greyhound, Antibalas, Dragons of Zynth, and many more…