Of Montreal completely re-invents their sound with each record and with a completely different approach to songwriting, recording, and a fresh band, their success continues with “Lousy With Sylvianbriar.” The album brings out a new funky freshness in their sound that you didn’t see coming (how much more funky can they get?) and will please long-time fans, though I think it is their most welcoming album for new listeners.

Recorded on a 24-track tape deck in a home studio, the album captures the vintage 60s/70s sound that of Montreal executes perfectly, with bangers like “Fugitive Air,” and “She Ain’t Speakin’ Now.” Kevin Barnes brings his usual genius song writing to the table, but with a new sense of intimacy that only accentuates his unique style. With haunting and sensuous vocals from Rebecca Cash and a tight and groovy band, Lousy is truly great. The album is out today via Polyvinyl Records and can be found here.

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