[Album] of Montreal: “Lousy With Sylvianbriar”

Of Montreal completely re-invents their sound with each record and with a completely different approach to songwriting, recording, and a fresh band, their success continues with “Lousy With Sylvianbriar.” The album brings out a new funky freshness in their sound that you didn’t see coming (how much more funky can they get?) and will please long-time fans, though I think it is their most welcoming album for new listeners.

Recorded on a 24-track tape deck in a home studio, the album captures the vintage 60s/70s sound that of Montreal executes perfectly, with bangers like “Fugitive Air,” and “She Ain’t Speakin’ Now.” Kevin Barnes brings his usual genius song writing to the table, but with a new sense of intimacy that only accentuates his unique style. With haunting and sensuous vocals from Rebecca Cash and a tight and groovy band, Lousy is truly great. The album is out today via Polyvinyl Records and can be found here.

Brynn Bixby

Before she was an indie music journalist sharing tunes with the likes of you, Brynn performed all over Chicagoland and cut a full-lenth record with her high-energy, indie pop trio, Caught in Your Pockets. She also regularly provides vocals for various homegrown acts, from indie-blues-rock kings, Train Company, to Chi Town hip hop icons in the making, Show You Suck and Legend Haz It. A piano and guitar playing singer songwriter, Brynn double majored in vocal performance and education, and can definitely school you on what sounds amazing.

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