[Album] Pleasure: “Winter Warmth Mix”

Winter is quickly becoming anything but pleasurable this time of the year for most of America not spoiled by year-round sun and warm weather. To help aid the transition to frozen sidewalks and hunched-over-walking-with-pained-facial-expressions, Dance Music DJ Pleasure offered up his Winter Warmth Mix to save listeners from the frigid temperatures and dropping thermometers with an eclectic mix of unreleased original and remix tracks that will keep you moving through the worst this time of year has to toss at you. The project dropped today on The Untz and is available for free download here. Get up, move around and turn on Pleasure’s Winter Warmth Mix for a quick getaway from the cold. Catch Pleasure, playing with GRiZ in St. Louis on 11/30 and 1/17 in Springfield, IL.

Intro Existential Bummer -Jason Silva
1 Change Your Program- Pleasure
2 No Quarter( Pleasure Remix)- Led Zeppelin
3 In The Waiting Line (Pleasure is still waiting Remix) -Zero 7
4 Dreamscapes- Pleasure
5 Miriam’s Revenge (Pleasure Remix)- Zombass
6 TKK 5- Pleasure
7 4URLUV- Pleasure
8 It’s The- Pleasure
9 3:16 AM (Pleasure $wAG Remix)- Jhene Aiko
10 The Distance of Space- Pleasure
11 Kisses of Lunar Light- Pleasure
12 Enchanted Stars- Pleasure
13 The Writer ( Pleasure Help You Remix)- Ellie Goulding
14 Yeah Boy- Pleasure
15 The Music – Pleasure
16 Even At All- Pleasure
17 I Know- Pleasure
18 $ Mak1n B1tch3$ ( Money Making Bitches)- Pleasure
19 Aurora Explosion- Pleasure
20 Love Me Again- Pleasure
22 Words Write the Tale VIP- Pleasure
23 Fuck You All The time (Pleasure Multiple Os Remix)- Jeremiah
24 Together ( Pleasure Remix)- The XX
25 Team Supreme 82- Pleasure
26 Me and You (Pleasure Remix)- Cassie
27 TKK8- Pleasure
28 Want Your Body- Pleasure
29 Sensual Seduction (Pleasure and Richie August F like Porn Stars Remix) Snoop Dogg
30 Emotionally Intertwined- Pleasure
31 Climbing to Climax- Pleasure
32 Traveling to Wonder- Pleasure
33 How I Feel 4 U- Pleasure
34 Bella Twerk- Pleasure
35 Morning Remains- Pleasure
36 You Do It To Me- Pleasure
37 Hakuna Matata- Pleasure

Jake Krzeczowski

Jake Krzeczowski is a writer based in Chicago. Since graduating from the University of Iowa in 2012 he has written for the likes of The Chicago Sun Times, Complex Magazine, and Elevator Magazine.

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