Max B: Money Make Me Feel Better

Alexander Richter has classic photos of many of your favorite Hip Hop artists.  When he was staying at my place back in February, I told he should make some tees or consider selling prints.  I’m not saying that I gave him the idea for this but….  In all seriousness, Alexander Richter just released his first ever print Tee alongside SHHO.  The tee features his photo of Max B, with all the proceeds from sales going to Max’s commissary fund.

Richter says:

In collaboration with the SHHO, I am proud to release my first photo t-shirt : Max B “Money Make Me Feel Better” . If you know about the Harlem based rapper’s situation, then you know. It’s not something that necessarily needs an explanation. However, it is important to know that no profits for the SHHO or myself (Alexander Richter) will be made off this limited run of shirts. All proceeds from the t-shirts will be donated to Max B’s commissary to help him out during his current 75 year sentence.  Available at 1 pm EST in our online shop.

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