Amare Symoné Shares New Single “Losing”

Amare Symoné is the whole package. She has a vocal range that puts her among the best and her songwriting is at once deeply personal while staying relatable – and catchy as hell. Her newest single “Losing” shows Amare at her best. On “Losing” Amare tackles the subtle questioning of self-identity that comes at the end of a love gone wrong, and the realization that some times people we trust the most and build ourselves around aren’t actually good for us. Produced by Loqum, the spaced-out minor chord progression swells with emotion, culminating in a trumpet solo played by Jimmi Gordon that dies off, paralleling Symone’s tale of passion lost as it diminishes back to its initial minimalism at the end of the track.  Listen below and keep an eye out for several more singles in the coming months.

Stephen Kaplan