Ben Affleck Directing and Starring in Solo Batman Film Written by Geoff Johns

Following this week’s release of new photos of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes news that Ben Affleck will not only don the cape and cowl following 2016’s Dawn of Justice and 2017’s Justice League, but he’ll also direct a solo Batman film co-written by legendary DC Comics writer and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns.

Johns has had his hand in shaping DC Comics’ latest TV series, Arrow and The Flash, as well as having written for Smallville, co-produced and was a creative consultant for Green Lantern, is executive producing Dawn of Justice, and has written many, many DC titles over the years.

Considering the project is years away with two other films serving as buffers in the interim, there are no details on the script. Affleck’s next project, a film adaptation of the novel Live By Night by Dennis Lehane, was greenlit by Warner Bros. just this week. However, considering the viability of a solo Batman film, there may be potential for Warner Bros. to switch the two film productions around.

We’ll have more information on this rumored solo Batman film when more comes!

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