Best Shit You Never Saw: Kendrick Lamar

“Best Shit You Never Saw” is a series in which we revisit some of our old interviews, and shed light on some of our favorite moments that didn’t make the original cut.  These are clips that didn’t fit with what we were doing at the time, yet still contain key information or insight into Hip Hop’s most relevant and interesting artists.  We started the series a couple months ago with Brother Ali and Danny Brown. Today we continue with this clip from our original interview with Kendrick Lamar.

In in our first feature on Kendrick Lamar, “Moving People”, Kendrick told us about a desire that he had for his music to inspire people towards their goals and beyond obstacles.  That message was very present on his classic record, “HiiiPower”, which was one of my favorite songs during the time of the original interview at LDRS1354.  Kendrick’s references to historical figures, movements, and events are at the heart of “HiiiPower”, and I wondered about his relationship to them.

He explains in this new edition of Best Shit You Never Saw.  Video by Andrew Zieter.

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