Black Thought Celebrates Blackness With “Noir”

Legendary Root’s emcee Black Thought has been on a musical run recently, having dropped 2 Stream Of Thought projects last year. He’s back today with a new release via Amazon Music in congruence with black history month. “Noir” is a celebration of the Black experience in America. Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad made the beat for Amazon Originals Produced by series. They essentially made a jazz track that only an emcee of Black Thought’s caliber could attack. Just check out the lyrics in the first verse.

A young inmate
Who knew his fate
Was truly great
Had to escape from the chains
That brought him to the States
To save face
He made more than a few mistakes
While back-tracing his roots
Like Henry Louis Gates
Respectfully, the trajectory
He remained in it
He tried to walk on water
Instead of wade in it
He went from cradle to grave
He’s been a king of the slaves
The menagerie of America
He was made in it
Instead of waiting for Superman
His people had a plan
They were sticking it to the man
Whose energy was spent like solid gold
’cause everything he did came back
Like a boomerang
A ruler without a throne
The ruins are not of Rome
Intruder without a home
A heart made out of stone
A blade made out of bone
The skin made out of copper tone
A loner that’s not alone
The child that’s got his own

Stephen Kaplan