Jesus Blu

“my dialogue dietary law requires you to just go ahead and jump off the deep end.”

B(lu)’s Jesus LP, the one that hit the web seemingly out of nowhere earlier this summer, has been remastered and released properly via Nature Sounds.  The digital version dropped yesterday, with the vinyl and CD coming August 30th.  Blu recorded the LP under his alter-ego B, and the album is another lo-fi winner from the Cali emcee known to not just think outside the box, but even recognize the box at all.  Blu was one of my favorite artists to work with during Closed Sessions/Digital Freshness, and is just an original and cool cat.  The song below features production from Alchemist, and guest verses from Planet Asia and Killer Ben.

Blu talked about the track saying, “I was in the lab with Alchemist, and Ben stopped by, I met him right then, then Asia popped up like lets work, and we did.  All i remember was ben’s dance when we first picked the beat, “d o o w h o p” bro.”

Get the song below. Buy Jesus via Amazon.

Blu: “d o o w h o p” feat Planet Asia and Killer Ben