Boathouse and AKONIxx Connect On “Super Fye”

Summer 2019 has been dubbed the Hot Girl/City Boy Summer, and Chicago based producer Boathouse and emcee AKONIxx have tapped into that energy with their new single “Super Fye”. From the very first second after you press play, this track makes you want to be reckless. Boathouse’s signature 808’s boom under industrial crunches and clicks. The beat has no recognizable melody to it at first, but after it loops enough you start hearing sounds that were there the whole time, and then AKONIxx comes in. The hook on “Super Fye” gets to the point straight away with AKONIxx showing his raw side, literally the first words he says in the song is “Mask off” and what’s underneath the mask is a rapper teeming with talent and ready to step into the spotlight. The references to Eazy-E’s “Boyz-n-the-Hood” are doubled by the lyrics and the beat and after the signature beeps play you realize that the melody was hidden in the beat the whole time. This is a slapper so turn it up all the way before you hit play.


Stephen Kaplan