BoatHouse Begins “Depths of Production” Series with “Hundred Dollar Bills”

BoatHouse and Closed Sessions are calling all audio and production students to be part of the making behind the track “Hundred Dollar Bills,” off of Our Latest Compilation released Jan. 17. The Chicago-based producer is launching a YouTube series called “Depths of Production,” which will show each step of laying down a track.

In the debut video surrounding his collaboration with Dave B, BoatHouse sits behind the board with a camera and describes his vision and the technicalities behind the incredibly versatile beats and ukulele overlay on “Hundred Dollar Bills.”  

“The subtleties are really gonna go a long way and keep the listener interested,” says Aidan about the sample track and his general personal style when producing. Later in the video, BoatHouse breaks down the snares, the loops, and the bass, talking in depth about the differentiations between each key element in the song. For him, layering those sounds and watching them blend together “becomes less about the separation of each individual instrument and they come together and add that cool atmospheric thing.” 


Even if you’re not enrolled in a college program or educated in music theory, much of sound engineering and making beats simply comes from the experience of working with artists and knowing how to achieve the technical balance between each element in the track. And the “Depths of Production ” series will give younger and less experienced aspiring producers deeper insights into the work of an established Chicago producer. Make sure you are subscribed to BoatHouse on YouTube and check out “Hundred Dollar Bills” on Our Latest Compilation.