Brittney Carter Drops Two Loose Singles

Brittney Carter is a force to reckon with. We’ve had a spotlight on her all year and she keeps stepping into it unabashedly and blowing away all expectations. The way that she keeps raising the bar, just to clear it is what makes her truly someone to watch out for. Yesterday she dropped two loose singles on her SoundCloud like she’s been known to do. Both of them are under 2 minutes but for how brief they are she packs a lot into them. No choruses, no pauses, just bars. “Far From Here Freestyle” is the funkier of the two with Carter flexing on the track and talking about how it was written into her destiny that she would be a raw ass rapper. “Test The Water” is a darker beat defined by the kick and snare beating down the jazz chords and ambient vocal oos but on this one, Brittney takes it to another level lyrically. Check them out.

Stephen Kaplan