Bruce Campbell is Groovy in Ash vs. Evil Dead TV Teaser

What pairs better with nice weather than being reunited with everybody’s favorite groovy evil vanquisher? It’s been a few months since we found out Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, and Rob Tapert were continuing the adventures of Ash Williams in a Starz TV series. However, with the sun coming out to play, so too does Ash and the iconic chainsaw.

In case you weren’t aware, Ash vs. Evil Dead will carry on where 1992’s Army of Darkness left off. While the trio have publicly stated their approval and enjoyment of the 2013 Evil Dead reboot, they’ve decided to move forward with the original timeline, ending any potential future for Fede Alvarez’s take on the Evil Dead universe. However, both Raimi and Tapert are co-producing Alvarez’s next film, A Man in the Dark, so the business relationship is still in tact (and could possibly lead to more Evil Dead from the talented director).

It makes sense for Campbell, Raimi, and Tapert to focus on their specific Evil Dead franchise, given the somewhat tepid response the reboot received. As I’ve noted lately, nostalgia is in right now, and who really wouldn’t scoff at watching Ash mow through evil some more?

Ash vs. Evil Dead will premiere on Starz this fall.

Geoff Henao

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