Bum Chic Captures Love’s Dichotomy On “Hedonistic Dread”

Bum Chic just dropped a new single today called “Hedonistic Dread”. It’s the lead single off of their upcoming sophomore project to follow up last year’s self-titled debut EP Bum Chic. Their psychedelic approach to music pays little attention to genre lines, rather they pursue a vibe in their production and take elements of anything that fits that vibe. Combining elements of Jazz, Indie Rock and Lo-Fi Hip Hop in the production “Hedonistic Dread” is a journey of a song with a lead synth straight out of the 80s that makes the song both modern and nostalgic. Lyrically it’s a story of love and mistake looking at the modern dating scene. The title perfectly captures what it’s about, hedonism and dread are supposed to be opposite emotions but love is a game of cognitive dissonance and this track really gets that. Supported by glossy guitar riffs and atmospheric synths atop a bed of jazz harmonies, strewn with abundant melodic guitar, synth, and bass lines this song is a great new step for the duo.

Stephen Kaplan