Busta Rhymes

It’s hard to believe that Busta Rhymes is looking back on a 20-year career… Or is it? I heard he rushed, and rushed and attacked, giving people the scenario, demanding their hands be in plain sight, lighting asses on fire, and ever so effortlessly, passing the courvoisier.  Rhymes is indeed a Hip Hop legend, and while the late 2000’s included more than his fair share of dark days, plans to count Rhymes out have been silenced thanks to new guest appearances and a return to his energetic “dungeon dragon” character.  He’s been able to land on the commercially viable and pop friendly records like Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” and simultaneously stay in tune with his more hardcore fanbase via features such as his look on Raekwon’s “Crane Style”.

Busta’s career is the focus of a new cover story from Elliot Wilson and RESPECT. Magazine, and it’s told from the source’s mouth.  Busta recounts the break up of Leaders of The New School, signing a record deal at 17, and when everything really clicked.

“From the success of The Coming, I had hardware on my wall. I was coming home looking at a platinum album and a platinum single. Seven-figure money was starting to hit the account, constantly. And then When Disaster Strikes was done, and I had “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See.” I was like, Jesus.”

It is a really great read, and made me realize how big some of Busta’s accomplishments have been.  To this day, I’ll never forget my own interview with Busta Rhymes.  Read the rest of Wilson’s piece here.