Cam Meekins: "Up!"

A new Cam Meekins song entitled “Up!” has been up on the internets for the last few days and although it it flew under the radar for most major blogs, Cam’s fan-base came through once again with an overwhelming amount of support. The track is quickly approaching 5,000 plays with no signs of slowing down and the feedback on social networks has been extremely positive. The Boston emcee announced earlier this week a new project, PEACE, which will be hitting all streaming sites on September 24th. Cam recently finished a mini-tour this Summer and he definitely sounds inspired by what he experienced while doing shows all over the country. You definitely want to stay on the look out for this ‘tape.

Also, if you’re in New York during the week PEACE drops, be sure to hit up Cam’s show alongside Alex Wiley, Jean Deaux & Z-Money at Santos.


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