Rhymefest is about to hit the road with Rakim, and rather than stay in hotels or catch some shuteye on his tour bus, Fest will be staying with unknown fans in each city.  Rhymefest is currently looking for places to stay and will be offering tickets and backstage passes to those who offer room and board.  Fest will also be hanging out and talking to the people he meets, and hey, might even walk a dog or two.  All of his experiences are going to be caught on camera, and posted online right here.  For more info visit his site, and if you’d like to host Rhymefest when he is in your city send an email to rhymefestassistant@gmail.com.  

Also, there is still time to enter Rhymefest’s “Give It To Me” Contest in which one artist will recieve a guest spot on his upcoming album, El Che.