Captain America 3 Inspired by Civil War, Robert Downey, Jr. Returning as Iron Man

Finally, Marvel’s largest comic book event in the past decade, Civil War, is getting the film treatment. The months-long event featured Captain America and Iron Man butting heads over the “Superhuman Registration Act” in which Iron Man argued those with super powers must register themselves and their identities with the US government in order to be covered for any liabilities following an accident in which Stamford, CT was decimated. Captain America fought against the legislation, arguing that it infringed upon superhumans’ civil liberties/secret identities. The feud split the superhero community into two, those on Cap’s side and those on Iron Man’s side, with Spider-Man playing a central role in the whole ordeal.

On the film side of the news, this extends Robert Downey, Jr.’s contractual obligations to Disney/Marvel, as well as the size of his wallet. Given that he’ll play a central role in the film, Variety is reporting the actor will receive $40m for the role PLUS benefits if the film outperforms this year’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Variety also reports that Marvel and Downey, Jr. butted heads over the actor’s salary, even going so far as to potentially have Iron Man written out of the plot entirely. However, given the nature of the film and the precedence it’ll set for Marvel’s Phase 3 films, Stark/Iron Man’s participation was central to the litany of films that will follow the fallout of the the Civil War-inspired storyline.

What’s more, this lends credence to the rumors that Marvel is looking into a partnership with Sony to have Spider-Man crossover into their universe. Again, given his large role in the Civil War storyline, it’s almost necessary for the character to appear. The film isn’t scheduled for release until May 2016, so we’ll definitely have a lot more about the film, its cast, and any changes that may be made to adapt the storyline to the big screen soon enough.

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