Capturing Photos Inside a Wave by Clark Little

Photos by Clark Little

Photographer Clark Little is incredible at capturing photos inside some of pretty fierce waves. In fact, some of his photos were shot by diving head first into some of the world’s largest waves, and he’s not stopping.

Little started out as a surfer lover on the North Shore of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. After wanting a good photo of a wave for his home, he ventured out into the ocean to capture it himself, and the rest is history. Now he conquers the big surf with nothing more than flippers and a camera, and his work has reached audiences around the world. 

The photos really just speak for themselves, they are crisp, dangerous, refreshing, all natural and just beautiful. Check out some of our favorites below, and be sure to follow his Instagram here. Also check out this very intriguing interview, and tag-along with Vice here.

[Via ReshareWorthy]


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