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Remembering Mac Miller.

I don’t really know what to write. But I just have the need to write something. Mac Miller’s passing on

Jameel Bridgewater Announces New Solo Show

Words + Art by Jameel Bridgewater BRIDGES The community presents bridges because it wouldn’t be anything without US. A bridge

An Update on from RTC

I’ve been wrestling with how to best share this news, or even if I was going to share this news.

Alex Wiley

Alex Wiley: “Swish” (prod by Rozart)

“Closed Sessions, went to school and learned no lessons.” Alex Wiley is still putting the finishing touches on his solo

Helluva Year: Chicago Hip Hop Artists That Ruled 2012

Looking back as we look ahead, it’s hard to deny the year that was in Chicago Hip Hop 2012.  Many

Coffee With The Rza

The opportunity to have coffee with a genius, one of Hip Hop’s greatest minds, doesn’t come around too often.  That

Coffee With The Rza

Coffee With The Rza…

It pays to be early sometimes. I had an interview with Rza yesterday. It was scheduled for 12pm at the

[Editorial] Mac Miller & Lord Finesse: Paying Homage Costs

When ever someone asks me, ‘what do you think of Mac Miller?’ I usually answer by saying first and foremost

Chief Keef

Chief Keef’s First Big Test Happens Tonight In NYC

For the last few months, Chief Keef has existed almost as a myth or urban legend.  Confined to his grandmother’s

Mikkey Halsted

Mikkey Halsted Speaks On New Music and Outlook

“It’s not about signing the deal,” Mikkey Halsted tells me, sitting comfortably at SoundScape Studios.  Mikkey is in town for

Prime for RubyHornet

Prime’s Top 5 Chicago Battle Emcees

Last week I was on a panel and Greg Corner of Kill Hannah and he asked me about the Chicago battle scene.  I haven’t really kept up with it in a minute, but it got thinking about Chicago’s strong history of battle emcees.  I decided to reach out to Prime, ne of our city’s resident battle historians for an update, as well as a top 5 list of Chicago’s best battle emcees.  Prime runs down the list, which contains a couple locks as well as a surprise nod.

Check out Prime’s List.

Instagram SXSW 2012

SXSW 2012 was my favorite Austin trips in a while.  In 2010 we recorded Closed Sessions: ATX, and while that