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RH In The Studio With: WebsterX

When I started rubyhornet damn near 10 years ago, one of the biggest things for me and Virgil was being

RH Interview: Andrew Barber Talks FakeShoreDrive At 10 and Much More

The first time I met Andrew Barber  (fuck, 10 years ago!) I couldn’t wait for him to shut up and

Terra 5

[Interview] AEMMP Hip Hop Artist of The Week: Terra 5

The spring semester is fully underway at Columbia College.  To go along with the new semester, we bring back our

Julian MAlone

[Interview] Julian Malone: Embrace The Different

Somebody asked me at the studio yesterday, ‘what sets Julian Malone and the 2008ighties apart from other artists and crews


[Interview] ProbCause: Turning Points

“Some artists can just pick up the mic and make amazing, confident songs and blow up quickly!  I needed more

Vic Mensa

[Interview] Vic Mensa Is The Internet

Any way you look at it, Vic Mensa is a staple in Chicago’s innovative musical landscape. The college-aged musician has been

[Interview] RiFF RaFF: Just Go With It

“If you see somebody hating, point’em out, point’em out.” It’s 9PM on Friday night, and I’m drunk.  I’ve been at

Frank The Butcher

[Video] Frank The Butcher Interviews Mega of Black Scale

  Frank the Butcher kicks off season 2 of his “Butcher’s Block TV” series with an interview with Mega of

[Interview] Big Boi: Player By Choice

With great risk comes great reward.  It’s a cliche saying, but it’s definitely true.  With great risk can also come

DJ Muggs

[Interview] DJ Muggs: Like Water

When DJ Muggs released his EP, Sound Clash Business, in mid October, I sent him a text saying how much


[Interview] AEMMP Hip Hop Artist of The Week: thekidDirty

Another week, another new artist to be profiled in our continuing collaboration with Columbia College’s AEMMP Records.   The student run

DJ Muggs

[Interview Snippet] DJ Muggs: “My Style Is Like Water”

“Muggs lets the funk flow.” Since the late 80’s, DJ Muggs has been shaping and then re-shaping sounds, first and