I knew Hammy was out there, but damn. He recorded this project in a studio with no clocks or mirrors in a two to three week period.

Many listeners, especially if they’re familiar with the Brooklyn-boy, will likely wonder how this will compare to Charles Hamilton’s Pink Lava Lamp. This is a good bit displaced (not physically though… it was recorded across the street from where Pink was done) from his debut digital album. Yeah, some of the rhymes are solid but most of these tracks will be lost amongst in the large amount of forgettable material in Hammy’s catalog. That’s the risk an artist takes when he or she puts out as much material as Charles does. That being said, it’s worth a listen. Check out the tracklisting and cop the project below.



1. Broke Rich Bitch
2. John Nintendo
3. Music 2
4. Phantom Plural
5. Private Parts
7. Voicesagain
8. Yeah Right Nigga

Download here