Chief Keef Faces Eviction, Jail Time

UPDATE (2:18 PM CST): We just got word from Keef’s manager, Idris Peeda Pan, as he exited court with Keef today that the GBE star will not be sent to jail today but will be booked October 15 for a two week stay behind bars for a parole violation after a drug test turned up positive for marijuana. The reason for the court visit today was because of a positive urine test a few weeks ago with his probation officer. More to come soon.

And the saga continues. It seems as though it is a never-ending trail of negative press for young Chief Keef. The latest issue arose after Keef’s landlord of his $1 million Northbrook, Il., mansion filed eviction papers against the rapper alleging two months of unpaid rent. Payments on the home reportedly were $4,700 a month and because of non-payment his landlord is looking for up to $10,000. Keef’s manager, Idris Peeda Pan, when asked for comment on the non-payment said, “the entire basement flooded a few months back, among other problems in the house.  We came out of pocket to resolve things, ultimately leading to the decision that the home is unsuitable.  We’re currently looking for alternative locations in both the Northbrook, IL area and LA.”

The latest charges come on the heels of a string of run-ins and lawsuits for the GBE artist. A London promoter won a $230,000 suit after Keef decided not to show up to a show, simply because he didn’t respond to the lawsuit. He has a tendency to do this, skipping out on two shows in Tucson recently in a one-week span. All of this caused concert promotion company Scoremore to issue a press release late yesterday announcing the cancellation of Keef’s shows in San Antonio and Austin, saying in the letter to customers, “Yesterday we were told that Chief Keef was summoned back to court and that he may indeed going back to jail. We are not willing to gamble with your money, and quite frankly, he has failed to report for some of his recent shows, which made us feel like the promises of change were aspirational rather than actual…. We will not allow that to happen.” As for the potential of jail time, Peeda Pan had this to say: “We don’t know for sure, however its highly possible he may be detained when he goes to court. We’re staying optimistic.”

Jake Krzeczowski

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