Classy Looking Mugshots of Gangsters from the 1920s

It’s hard to believe that the age of the roaring 20s was almost 100 years ago, and tons of changed since. Although the 1920s was full of vibrant culture and music, it was also full of high crime, much due to the prohibition era. But the criminals back then didn’t look like the criminals of today… they wore suits, ties, top hats, and they even shined their shoes. Looking back at mugshots of these criminals exemplifies the change in times, when looking classy was just as important as being gangster.

Take a look back in time at these “classy” looking mugshots of gangsters from the 1920s, and maybe pass this along to those who need to up their wardrobe.

[Via Distractify]

Angela E. Mejia

Angela is a photographer/photojournalist/visionary raised in the mean streets of Chicago. Since 2008, she's covered everything from concerts for underground and mainstream artists, to food editorial, to just about every type of photography you can think of. Other interests include traveling, anything artsy, Chicago sports, and eating tacos.

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