Natural High

Happy 4/20!

While the internet is being flooded with songs about smoking weed, it may seem as though blazing up is a perquisite for making Hip Hop Music.  While some of Hip Hop’s most prolific artists sing the praises of Mary Jane,  Million $ Mano, Hollywood Holt and Mic Terror offer up a different perspective with “Natural High”, a song off the recently released Closed Sessions: ATX.

While the Chicago trio has no problem with Cannabis enthusiasts, they chose not indulge.  That’s not to say they can’t provide those who do with some new music to get high to.  The song’s smooth and spaced out production, plus clever lyrics make “Natural High” the perfect anti-weed song to roll up with.  In the words of Million $ Mano, who just got off a natural high DJing for Kanye West at Coachella,  it’s a “spaced about trippy drug song about not doing drugs.”… And it sounds awesome.

Download “Natural High” below as a 4/20 gift from us to you.  Roll something up and enjoy.

Closed Sessions: “Natural High” feat Million $ Mano, Hollywood Holt, Mic Terror



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