Closed Sessions Vol. 3 Kicks Off with “Whiskey and Push-Ups” featuring Open Mike Eagle and BoatHouse

Back like we never left.

In January we threw our first Digital Freshness since 2012(ish). While it was negative degrees outside, it was hot and sweaty at The Empty Bottle where Ness Heads, Fess Grandiose, DJ Ca$h Era, all hit the stage before a headlining set from Open Mike Eagle.

As is the tradition with Digital Freshness, the following day we hit SoundScape and kicked off recording for what would become Closed Sessions Vol. 3!

For his session, Open Mike Eagle linked up with BoatHouse (who has produced all of Vol. 3) and created “Whiskey and Push-Ups”. For Mike, being back in Chicago in the dead of winter brought back memories of some of his earlier days and the type of music he came up making. We got great insight into his recording process, and how his brain moves from serious topics to obscure pop culture references almost without warning or hesitation.

The documentary was filmed and edited by Flow Motion, and can be viewed above. The song is also available everywhere for stream and download (listen below).

Get ready for Closed Sessions Vol 3. coming in November, produced by BoatHouse and featuring Open Mike Eagle, Kemba, Mother Nature, Khary, Dave B, ShowYouSuck, Lorde Fredd33, Kipp Stone, and others… And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out Closed Sessions Vol. 1 and Closed Sessions Vol. 2. It will all make sense.